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Our animals are athletes just as much as out contestants

The Official Steamboat Pro Rodeo Vet

High Country Veterinary Services

We have a highly trained vet on site for every single rodeo! High Country Veterinary Services is a full-service, equine and large animal primary care veterinary service based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They provide our equine athletes and livestock athletes with preventative and medical care on site at the rodeo grounds. Learn more about the talented Veterinarians on staff at HCVS

If you are a contestant at the Steamboat Pro Rodeo and would like to arrange a vet appointment while in town, please contact them via the button below.

“The PRCA has more than 60 rules to ensure the proper care and treatment of rodeo animals”

Rodeo & Animal Care

An important distinction to make when dealing with animal issues is the difference between animal welfare and animal rights. After learning the difference between the two philosophies, it is easier to distinguish between organizations that directly help animals and those who wish to end the use of animals.

Animal Welfare – based on principles of humane care and use. Organizations who support animal welfare principles seek to improve the treatment and well-being of animals. Supporting animal welfare premises means believing humans have the right to use animals, but along with that right comes the responsibility to provide proper and humane care and treatment.

Animal Rights – organizations that support animal rights philosophies seek to end the use and ownership of animals. Animal rights organizations seek to abolish by law: the raising of farm animals for food and clothing, rodeos, circuses, zoos, hunting, trapping, fishing, the use of animals in lifesaving biomedical research, the use of animals in education and the breeding of pets.

Credit: Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

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Proper care is mandatory to allow bucking horses, bulls, calves and steers to perform.