Keep your eyes on the arena after an event is over. That’s when the action heats up even more with world-class specialty acts.

The riders giving it their all at the Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo Series aren’t the evening’s only entertainers. Joining them each fun-filled night are clowns, specialty acts, bands and more to ensure the entertainment lasts all night long.

The rodeo’s event staff scours the country every year for the best acts it can find, bringing in top-level talent to keep you on the edge of your seat. Throw in calf scrambles, special kid zones, barbecues, vendors, live music and some of the best clowns (note: they like to be called bullfighters or barrelmen) in the business, and there’s something for everyone every weekend of the series.

   They’re some of the best in the business,” says Rodeo Series chairman Brent Romick, adding that a good bullfighter has to be funny and banter with the announcer all while protecting the cowboys. “And they all love coming to Steamboat.”

Welcoming you on the music front are a variety of bands, both local and from afar, that play on the entertainment stage from 6 to 7:15 p.m. every night. Go ahead, kick up your heels and dance along. To fill in the gaps between the bucking and riding, clowns and various specialty acts take the stage, featuring an all-star line-up from across the country.

Whether you go every night or once a year, you see stuff at a rodeo that you just don’t see anywhere else,” says announcer John Shipley. “It’s a true throwback to the old Wild West shows like Buffalo Bill.”