Please, don’t call them “clowns” (okay, your kids can).

The proper term is bullfighter or barrelman. While part of their job _LT88730 is to entertain audiences during breaks in the action, their real job is to protect cowboys’ backs once they’re off their mounts — which is risky business. How would you like to lure a bucking bull away from its intended target?  They’re also great entertainers, whose specialty acts have been polished for years.

Look forward to the following barrelmen:

J.W. Winklepleck ——– June 17-18
Keith Isley —————- June 24-25
Keith Isley —————- July 1-2-4
J.W. Winklepleck ——–July 8-9
& Bobby Kerr
Clint Selvester ———— July 15-16
Clint Selvester ———— July 22-23
Troy Lerwill ————– July 29-30
Wes “Hippie” Engelkes – August 5-6Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.15.54 PM
J.W. Winklepleck ——– August 12-13
J.W. Winklepleck ——– August 19-20